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What is the The Experience Paradox?

Our Immersive training methodology is designed to help our learners overcome what has been termed as the “Experience Paradox” in the Salesforce Ecosystem.  

Salesforce Trailhead,  the official training platform for Salesforce.com products and services, and the myriad of Salesforce.com Certification exams have allowed inexperienced aspiring Salesforce.com professionals to gain knowledge and certifications within the Salesforce.com ecosystem.

These fantastic official training resources have been valuable and successful in many different ways, they have also brought forth some pretty negative unintended consequences.  

The biggest problem that someone faces when trying to join the Salesforce.com community as a working professional is that most companies are not interested in hiring anyone without extensive background and experience working on projects.

Salesforce Technical Architect for Google and all around awesome Salesforce MVP David Liu made an informative video in regards to this problem.  It really lays it out in a clear an concise breakdown in the video below.

The Experience Paradox by David Liu

Overcoming the Experience Paradox.

The Halo Salesforce Boot-camp is designed to overcome the Experience Paradox. 

The entire course is a simulation of a real world project.  This project highlights the concepts, terminology and best practices that the learner will use in their day to day journey as a professional Salesforce.com resource.  

This project is not a Trailhead module, it is a real-world, hand’s on implementation facilitated by professional Salesforce.com consultant Ryan Scalf, and completed in a learning environment that is available to the learner for as long as they need it once the Boot-camp ends free of charge.

Once completed, the learner will  have a designed and configured a custom application in the Classic, Lightning and Mobile user interfaces. 


The Halo Power Project

Welcome to the Halo Power Team!

The Halo Power team consists of a Solution Architect and a team of junior level Administrators/Platform App Builders that have been hired on after a consulting firm configured the organization to meet very specific requirements.  

Unfortunately the firm did not adhere to many of the Salesforce.com best practices and this has caused some pretty glaring issues.

The first part of the project requires that the team review the Org’s existing configuration to identify problem areas that will need to be addressed.  

Starting with standard object architecture in the Force.com Platform, the team will analyze and reconfigure the organization’s architecture to align with best practices.


Company Settings and User Setup

After reviewing standard object Architecture and demonstrating problem areas to the steering committee, the team will take a look at the company settings on the Company Information page, Fiscal Year, Business Hours, Locale,  Currency Management as well as Global User Interface features like Search Settings, and List Views are discussed in depth.

After the company settings are addressed, the team will take a look at User Setup and Management by creating a new user and discussing common use cases as far as Activation, User Licenses, Password Policies, and managing locked out user accounts as well as the implications of activating, deactivating, and freezing a user.

Learners can expect to use immersive training methods like Socratic method, repetition, and instructor demonstration to ensure that they fully understand key concepts and terminology.


Security and Access

One major problem with the official Salesforce Trailhead and Certification process is that is it does not address the importance of Security and Access in the Force.com platform and learners end up with gaps in their knowledge that can be hugely problematic for them throughout the rest of their career.  

The Halo Salesforce.com Boot-camp focuses heavily on security to ensure that each learner is prepared to start work on a real project as soon as they are hired. 


Who See's What?

Security in the Force.com platform controls all of what a user can see and do within the organization.  It is a series of settings that give or restrict access and permission to users on an as needed basis.  

If there is a conceptual or terminological weakness in regards to these settings, the Admin/App Builder will be unable to meet many common requirements as they work projects once they are hired.  

Security is one of the most difficult parts of the Boot-camp and the instructor will spend plenty of time ensuring that each learner has a solid grasp of the subject matter before moving forward.  

Learners will demonstrate and describe each setting and best practice use cases many times throughout the Boot-camp to provide maximum comprehension.


Access is a group of settings that allow a user to find a record if they search for it if they also have the permissions they need to read, create, edit, transfer ownership, and delete records.  

Access can be restricted via Organization Wide Default settings and given using the Role Hierarchy and Sharing Rule settings. 

Learners will understand the fundamental differences of each setting and whether they are global, object level or record level in scope.

Access is an important concept for SFDC professionals to have a complete knowledge of when they are operating in the real world, and the instructor will ensure that each learner has the conceptual understanding they need to be effective in their career.


Permissions in Salesforce.com control what a user can see and do with records that they have access to.  Settings on the permission side include Profiles, Permission Sets, and Field Level Security.

Learners will understand the fundamental differences of each setting and the impact of the different permissions on a user’s user interface. 

Understanding permissions is integral knowledge for an aspiring Salesforce professional and it will be extensively covered using immersive training methodology like repetition, Socratic method, learner and instructor led demonstrations.

Profiles are featured heavily on the Admin and App Builder certification exams, so learners can expect a deep dive into the functionality available to create user interfaces using profiles and permission sets in conjunction with field level securtiy.

Standard and Custom Objects

Once the Halo Power Team have reviewed and understand the company settings, user setup/management, and security and access configurations within the org, they will take a deep dive into the design and configuration of an application using standard and custom objects as well as the different types of relationships that exist within the Force.com Platform.  

Learners will discuss and re-configure the existing business process using the stage/status picklists, record types, profiles and page layouts to create a streamlined process that meets the current requirements for the fossil fuel burning generators that Halo Power currently manufactures and sells globally.

The team will create and edit standard and custom fields using the proper data types in order to create streamlined and efficient page layouts, compact layouts and record pages to walk users through their business processes in the Classic, Lightning and Mobile User interfaces.

Once this is accomplished, the team will be  embedding a new business process into the org for a brand new group of renewable energy products and services being rolled out by Halo Power.

Learners can expect to use common Business Requirements Gathering  (BRG) techniques in order to define the new business process.

The team will imbed it into the Org with the Object Manager and Schema Builder while creating needed Apps, Tabs, Page Layouts, Business Processes Compact Layouts and Record Pages to meet the newly designed Renewable Energy products and services.

Sales and Marketing Apps

The Sales Process

Understanding business processes like the Sales process on the Opportunity Object is integral to becoming a successful Salesforce.com Professional. In this Boot-Camp the Halo Team dives deeply into the standard existing Sales Process by re-configuring what has already been built by the consultant to better meet their requirements. They will also create a brand new Sales Process for their renewable energy products and services.

Page Layouts, Business Processes and Record Types

In order to isolate different business processes, page layouts and picklist values on records according to different profiles, the Halo team will create and configure record types assigned to profiles in order to streamline the individual processes and create simple and effective User interfaces showing only what the user needs to see to get the job done. Understanding Record Types can be a complex learning process, and using Immersive training techniques like whiteboarding sessions, Business requirements gathering, and group demonstration projects, learners will fully grasp each layer, and why they are used in common use cases in the Force.com Platform.


The team will create and manage all three of the relationship data types in salesforce and understand the key points and limitations of each. They include Look-up, Master Detail, and Hierarchical Relationships.

Products and Pricebooks

In order to itemize the products and services sold on a particular Opportunity record, the Halo team will configure Products and Pricebooks for the existing Sales Process, as well as the Renewable Energy products and services that they will offer moving forward.

Create fields, Page Layouts, Record Pages for the Lightning and Mobile UI's

Learners will use their new found knowledge to support users in the newest and most effective component based declarative development tools to design beautiful and effectives apps that are in line with what customers want in today's fast paced marketplaces and verticals in the cloud.

Service and Support Applications

Once the Sales and Marketing processes are re-configured, The Halo team will need to address the Customer support side of the business.  Similar to the Sales process on the Sales side, The Support Process is managed on the Case object, and the team will work together to configure a flawless Support ticketing system to help support users assist customers with questions, issues and/or field service support via phone, email, or SMS messages (Text).


Simple Workflow

Learners will learn how simple workflow is used to create simple automations within an organization with no code. Simple workflow has been made essentially obsolete with the advent of the Process Builder, but learners must understand the legacy tool as many orgs still have and use workflow rules in orgs throughout the ecosystems. Workflow is still tested in the certification exams as well.


Learners will automate an approval process within Force.com to streamline tedious and repetitive behaviors that require managers to approve records in different business processes.

Lightning Process Builder

Learners will use the Process Builder to imbed an automated process into the force.com platform, learning about the best practices and potential pitfalls of working within the latest and greatest code free automation tool for Admins and App Builders.


Learners will use and create a flow to collect information from their users and then use the data collected for all sorts of automations within the Force.com platform with no code needed! Flows are the most advanced point and click declarative tool on earth and Learners will get a deep understanding of how to use them in common use cases.

Reports and Dashboards

Learners will create beautiful real time analytics in the form of reports and Dashboards to ensure theur users and executives see what they need to see, when they need to see it, without data leaks, or corruption.

Certification Preparation with Ongoing Support

Tips and Tricks

Learn best practices and exam gamification techniques to pass every Salesforce.com exam you ever take. Learners will understand the format of the Salesforce.com exams, as well as the ways that they go about trying to confuse and frustrate test takers into the wrong answers. Learners will learn how to "Keyword" exam questions to come ou with the concept in the question, and know the answer before they even look at the answer set. Build confidence and lower testing anxiety to ensure higher scores and ensuring that the learner passes the first attempt.

Full Coverage of Study Guides

Learners will cover the entirety of both the Saelsforce.co Certified Administrator and Salesforce.com Certified Platform App Builder study guides to ensure that they are ready and confident for any question that they might see on the actual exams themselves.

Updated and Curated Online Practice Test

Learners will prepare with confidence using a constantly updated and curated online practice test developed by world renowned expert Ryan Scalf to ensure that the look and feel of the actual exams are not a shock when the big day comes.

Ongoing Weekly Support

Learners will can spend up to two extra hours a week in assigned office hours with the instructor Ryan Scalf for as long as is needed to get ready for exams, project work, or advice on Linkedin pages, resumes, or even mock interviews.

Ryan A. Scalf

CEO of Halo Salesforce Consulting

Learn with a professional consultant.

Immersive Training

Gain experience working on a real-world project.

Job placement assistance

Connect with our worldwide network of certified Salesforce Professionals.

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What certifications are covered in the Boot-camp?

While many of the concepts and terminology covered in the boot-camp are included in all Salesforce certification exams, learners can expect to be fully prepared for the The Salesforce.com Certified Administrator and Salesforce.com Platform App builder Exams

Is the bootcamp delivered online or in person?

The bootcamp is delivered in a safe and effective online, instructor led format via a Zoom Pro account.

How many learners are there per Bootcamp?

Small class sizes are proven to increase successful uptake of concepts and terminology in complex curriculums.  Our Boot-camps are limited to 10 seats for that reason.

Are the sessions recorded?

The amount of material that must be covered to properly prepare a learner for certification and real world project work can be daunting.  Our Boot-camps are recorded and links are provided immediately after the session ends so learners can review the videos to reinforce concepts that may have slipped by during the sessions.

Do you offer job placement?

While we cannot guarantee every learner a job, we do help with Linkedin profile optimization, resume upgrades, and job placement assistance with recruiters and client partners that are very active and hiring within the Salesforce.com ecosystem.  89% of our learners have jobs in the ecosystem within 3 months of attending the Boot-camp.

What happens after the Boot-camp ends?

Once the boot-camp is over learners can continue to join us for our weekly scheduled office hours for as long as they need to.  Ask questions, review demos, and go over troubling exam questions until you pass your exams.

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