analysis Consulting and Business Analysis

Implementing requires that the organization have effective business processes in place.  Halo Business Systems provides in depth business analysis services that can help organizations integrate their successful process flows into a friendly format.  Business analysis solutions are always specific to each organization, but the process for creating the proper solution doe not change.  Business Analysis solutions are achieved using the following process:

Business Requirements Gathering

The first step to creating effective Business Processes in known as business requirements gathering.  During this stage in the process, Halo Business Systems will meet with key members of the organization in a series of interviews.  These interviews are carried out in online and in person formats.  These interviews consist of one on one sessions as well as group sessions with individual departments.  Once the interviews are complete, the overall state of the organization is attained.  Only through a thorough and organized understanding of the industry, target markets, current business processes, internal and client/customer personnel, interdepartmental culture and any issues therein, can the organization then define Business Processes to meet the organization requirements.  A integration is a cultural change that must be implemented in a way that uses the Platform as intended.  Halo Business Systems has helped many organizations reach this goal.

Road Map

The next step in the process is to create a road-map to a successfull implementation. The interview sessions are completed and the information gathered together.  The road mapping sessions are essentially brainstorming activities that involve all of the key players in the organization.  We usually call this group the Committee and it consists of stakeholders, administrators, IT, sales service and marketing team members.  During the roadmapping session we facilitate the creation of an organizational outline of what our main Business Processes will look like.  This time is also used to create any custom applications, objects, relationships, field sets, picklist values, email/communication templates, page layouts, and integration strategies.  This plan will be used to denote milestones and as a working document throughout the solution development process.

Training and Support

Once the Business Requirements Gathering sessions are complete and we have created a road map, then users must be trained.  Training should be done at regular intervals in order to get good user adoption.  In person and online training formats, along with documentation and videos are developed to effectively train personnel.  Testing and analysis will show user adoption statistics to prove good user adoption.  Halo Business Systems provides best in class training as part of our solution development and business analysis.  Halo Business Systems creates professionals every day, so you can be sure that we will effectively train your teams to succeed as professionals.


When we have gathered business requirements, created a road map to success, and trained internal personnel, then we must roll out the solution in a fast and effective manner.  Halo Business Systems provides onsite and online support options to ensure that the solution is implemented quickly and efficiently with the fewest possible setbacks.  When problems arise, which they inevitably do, It is nice to know you have a fast friendly support team available to deal with any issues.